Parkdale Community Information Centre

Parkdale Community Information Centre Parkdale Community Information Centre

Community Services

This is a quick list of the services we are most often asked about. There are many other services that are not listed here, so please call us or drop by if you would like more information. We can be contacted at 416 393 7689. We will be available from 10-5 Monday to Friday and 12-5 Saturday.

Community Recreation Centres

Masaryk-Cowan 220 Cowan Ave 416-392-6928
Parkdale Community Centre 75 Lansdowne Ave. 416-392-6696
Holy Family 141 Close Ave. 416-392-6695
McCormick 66 Sheridan Ave. 416-392-0742

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Drop-In Centres

Sistering (Women Only) 220 Cowan Ave. 416-588-3939
PARC (Parkdale Activity - Recreation Centre) 1499 Queen St. W 416-537-2591

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English as a Second Language (ESL)/Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

Parkdale Library (ESL) 1303 Queen St. W 416-338-4300
Parkdale Intercultural Association (LINC) 1257 Queen St. W 416-536-4420
Springhurst LINC 160 Springhurst Ave. 416-393-8382

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Employment Services

Costi—Employment Counselling Centre 900 Dufferin St., Ste. 102 416-588-2240
Job Start 219 Dufferin St., Ste. 1C 416-231-2295
Skills for Change ERC 1139 College St. 416-572-0790
St. Christopher House—Employment Services 1033 King St. W 416-848-7980
YES- Crossways Adult & Youth Job Centre 2340 Dundas West, Suite G23 416-504-3984

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Food Banks and Meal Programs

Parkdale Food Bank 1316 King St. W 416-532-2375
Daily Bread Food Bank 191 New Toronto St. 416-203-0050
Parkdale Breakfast Club 220 Cowan Ave. 416-392-6928
St. Francis Table ($1 fee for hot sit-down meal) 1322 Queen St. W 416-532-4172
Bonar-Parkdale Breakfast Club (Tue/Thu, 8-9 a.m.)
(Contact: David Ontonovich, 647-588-2448)
250 Dunn Avenue 416-532-3729

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Free Computer Sites

Parkdale Community Information Centre 1303 Queen St. W 416-393-7689
Parkdale Public Library 1303 Queen St. W 416-393-7686
CultureLink 160 Springhurst Ave. 416-588-6288
Parkdale Golden Age Foundation 27 Roncesvalles Ave. 416-536-6077
PARC (Parkdale Activity - Recreation Centre) 1499 Queen St. W 416-537-2262
Parkdale Intercultural Association 1257 Queen St. W 416-536-4420
Kababayan Community Centre 1313 Queen St. W 416-532-3888

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St Joseph's Health Centre 30 The Queensway 416-530-6000
St Joseph's After Hours Clinic 30 The Queensway 416-530-6377
St. Joseph's Just For Kids Clinic 30 The Queensway 416-530-6611
Parkdale Community Health Centre 1229 Queen St. W 416-537-2455
Toronto Public Health - Parkdale Office 1115 Queen St. W 416-338-3619
St. Joseph's Health Card Clinic 30 Sunnyside Avenue 416-530-6000
Ministry of Health 3300 Bloor Street West 1800-268-1154

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Legal Services

Parkdale Community Legal Services 1266 Queen St. W 416-531-2411

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Parkdale Public Library 1303 Queen St. W 416-393-7686

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Parent and Child Programs

Creating Together Parent-Child Drop-In 1497 Queen St. W 416-537-1004
More Than Child's Play Family Resource Centre 220 Cowan Ave., 2nd floor 416-516-3917
Parkdale Parents Primary Prevention Project 30 The Queensway 416-530-6318

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Alexander Muir-Gladstone Junior and Senior Public School 108 Gladstone Ave. 416-393-9140
Holy Family School 141 Close Ave. 416-393-5212
Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School 78 Seaforth Ave. 416-393-1280
Parkdale Collegiate Institute 209 Jameson Ave. 416-393-9000
Queen Victoria Junior Public School 100 Close Ave. 416-393-9200
West Toronto Collegiate 330 Lansdowne Ave. 416-393-1500

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Settlement Services

CultureLink 160 Springhurst Ave Ste. 300 416-588-6288
Kababayan Community Centre 1313 Queen St. W Ste. 133 416-532-3888
Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services 15 Roncesvalles Ave., Ste. 202 416-533-9471
Parkdale Intercultural Association 1257 Queen St. W 416-536-4420

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