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Youth Leaders In Parkdale

The PCIC Youth Leaders program connects Parkdale youth to volunteer opportunities in the community.

The Youth Leaders in Parkdale initiative allows youth to develop their work-related skills while contributing positively to our community.

Our program goal is to bring together Parkdale community agencies and Parkdale youth to develop strong volunteer partnerships that will benefit both groups

Our Program will

  • Assist youth to find a meaningful volunteer placement
  • Provide youth with Volunteer Orientation Workshops
  • Develop youth capacities and skills through a variety of workshop and leadership opportunities
  • Ensure concerns of participating youth and agencies are heard and resolved in a timely manner
  • Follow-up with participating agencies to maintain volunteer stability over the course of the program
  • Celebrate youth volunteerism and community involvement
  • Promote agencies' events and local initiatives

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Program Benefits


  • Will be connected to meaningful volunteer placements of interest to them
  • Will have access to opportunities that will add to their life and work experience
  • Will fulfill the 40 hour graduation requirement
  • Will build contacts for future references
  • Will meet new people and gain new skills


  • Will be assisted in meeting their program goals
  • Will have access to a reliable source of student volunteers
  • Will contribute to the development of youth by providing meaningful learning experiences

Our Community

  • Will build new partnerships to strengthen our community
  • Will engage youth in issues of concern

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To learn more about this program or to participate please contact our program coordinator at:

Parkdale Community Information Centre
1303 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6K 1L6
Tel:416 393-7689
Fax:416 532-6531

Youth Leaders in Parkdale

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